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Family tree on the move

Screen shot from Ancestry app
Screen shot from Ancestry app

I’ve been having fun the last few days, thanks to the new update to the Ancestry app on the iPhone. It’s amazing. It looks lovely and is really easy to use. Swiping a finger from right to left of the screen to the left, means the display automatically moves to show the previous generation. A swipe to the right shows you the next generation. You can click on the person to see their individual timeline and also see all the evidence/original sources that you’ve associated with the person.

Click on the image for more screen shots.

Having this will be great for doing research when out and about. Whilst the previous version was also good for this, the latest upgrade makes it a real pleasure to use. Top marks to Ancestry!
(note: I have no connection with Ancestry other than as a satisfied user of the website and app).


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