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Parkgate ironworks, Rawmarsh

  • 8 February 2011

Just so that I don’t lose the link, here is some great footage from the Parkgate Iron & Steel Co. in Rawmarsh, near Rotherham, Yorkshire. It’s about 60 years later than when my 3x great-grandfather James Williams was working there.

There’s a photo of the works in the 1850s here, which is just a few years after James Williams is recorded there on the 1841 census.


  • I have just came across this site. My grandfather, Francis Ping, Works Manager at Parkgate and Rawmarsh Iron Works, died rather tragically around 1906, described in the Rotherham press as “from a well known local family” and yet on visiting the area I could not find any local information beyond his unmarked grave. My mother, before her own death only had a “shadowy recollection” of her father and had no photographs etc. Could there possibly be further information, like photographs in archives and how can I access them. I would be obliged if anyone can be of assistance.

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