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family tree showing DNA matches

Tracing the Nottinghamshire birth of Mary, wife of James HADEN (1831-1901), has proved to be very difficult. It would have been easier had the new versions of the General Register Office birth indexes (which give the maiden name of the mother from 1837) been available to search earlier.

Ancestry family tree

Receiving my AncestryDNA results prompted me to look again at family history research relating only to my direct ancestors. I had thought I was doing quite well – with one line going back ten generations to my 8x great-grandparents. However, because of the doubling of numbers at each generation, we all have mind-bogglingly large numbers of direct ancestors. Of my potential total of 2046 ancestors over ten generations, I know the names of only 119 of them, or just under six per cent. Twelve…

Ancestry DNA kit

Results from AncestryDNA indicate my ethnic origins are 100 per cent European (52% England & Wales, 19% Western Europe, 19% Ireland, 9% Scandinavia and less than 1% Italy/Greece). No real surprises, apart from the 19 per cent Irish, as my research so far (117 direct ancestors over 11 generations) hasn’t brought up anyone born in Ireland, nor indeed anyone born outside England. I haven’t yet found the Welsh ancestry I was promised, although my Williams and Jones lines are back…